May Garden Delights


The first fruits of the Spring harvest are beginning to bless our table. We planted our asparagus patch three years ago, and this year it is finally producing a good bit of asparagus. Those last few years of waiting seem worth it now! There’s nothing like asparagus when it’s fresh picked. Even if you’ve never enjoyed it before, you should try some if you can get it freshly cut at your Farmer’s Market.

The spring onions and the lettuce are also nearing the time of harvest. I love all of the verdant green this time of year, both in the garden and in the wild. The freshness of a new Spring brings joy and peace to my heart. Today, I started craving vine-ripened tomatoes. I don’t want to rush the early part of the growing season, though. I want to enjoy the promise this time of year brings. I can be patient for the mature fruits of summer a little longer.

What are you most looking forward to this spring? Do you have any favorites from the garden or farmer’s market?


A Prayer for Mothers

ImageSource: Orthodox Church in America

On Mother’s Day, and always, let us turn our hearts toward the first among mothers, the Most Holy Theotokos, the God-Bearer. Through our joy and our sorrow, she never deserts us. She intercedes for us every moment of our lives. In life and in eternity, she experienced and continues to experience the profound love a mother bears her children. Let us all follow her example, as she dedicated her life to God, and never ceased to care for all of Christ’s followers with a mother’s heart.

The following prayer was included into today’s church bulletin, and I wanted to share it for its simplicity and beauty:

Be encouraged, new mother and do not lose heart, seasoned mother, or think that the trials you are facing in your calling disqualify you from the prize. Pray with faith, grandmother; approach the throne room of Christ, dear godmother, for the children you have been entrusted with. The Lord Himself holds your hand and wants you to succeed through His love, by the power of His Cross, through the prayers of His Holy Mother and all the saints. Amen.

I pray you all a blessed Mother’s Day!